What Is the NACE Inspection Program?

The NACE Inspection program is a certification that can give you the tools you need to make an informed tankpro inc decision when it comes to the coating of a building. There are many job opportunities for NACE inspectors. While many of these jobs require the specialized knowledge of a coatings inspector, NACE has made the certification process more convenient for coatings inspectors by introducing an optional DVD course.

NACE inspectors inspect coatings on a variety of structures, such as water tanks, pipelines, and refineries. They also inspect military installations, nuclear power plants, natural gas plants, wastewater treatment facilities, shipyards, and marine structures. Many NACE inspectors also inspect underground structures. These structures are usually more difficult to inspect than others, and it may take a longer time to detect problems.

When a company hires a NACE inspector, they are ensuring that they will get a top-quality project. Their objective is to make sure the coatings are applied properly and will not corrode. This prevents structural failure and ensures that there are no dangerous conditions. While NACE inspectors aren’t mandatory, they are an excellent addition to any project. They are also a great way to ensure the quality of your finished project.

NACE inspectors have professional training and certification that is based on the highest standards of the industry. This ensures that your coatings projects are performed by professionals with exceptional knowledge and professionalism. NACE has three certification levels that all require exemplary knowledge of coatings.